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La Voix Du Nord – Arias

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


Winning the Swedish Melodifestivalen gave me the possibility to record this cd. Without the swedish peoples vote this cd would not exist.  So thank you everyone who voted for me!!! This is really your cd…

I realize that the majority of the listeners are not totaly familiar with classical recordings…. so I thought I might say something  about how a classical recording is made and in what ways its different to other recordings. When you record a classsical cd there are some rules … Basically to guarantee the quality of the work – and of the artists. For instance it has to be recorded live together with the orchestra ; and you can not in any way alter with the sound. No effects. No compressing… Therefore it sounds different from an ordinary pop cd or what you hear on the radio…. The volume is sometimes very low and sometimes very high! And some sounds are not left out. Breathing etc. Sometimes you hear someone moving or  an instrument being moved. For instance; if you listen carefully  to Lascia Ch’io Pianga you can even hear the conductor breathing with the orchestra. 

And there are only 10 arias really… as Caro Mio Ben isn’t part of an opera. Solveigs sang is part of Peer Gynt and thats not an opera either, it’s a play. So maybe it’s 9,5 arias… But you knew that. Right?

Listen to Tragedy from La Voix Du Nord

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

So here it is – this song was called “the most übergay song written in Sweden since Crucified by the Army of Lovers”…. in Qx magazine. 

Music by Anders Hansson and Fredrik Kempe again. Lyrics by Alexander Bard. Originally this was going to be in Portugese or Spanish!!! But when we heard that Alexander was interested we gave up that idea and just said ” fine, do whatever you like!!! But it has to have a spoken part like BWO or Army of Lovers…”  I love the lyrics!!! They are fantastic. I dont know who came up with the Russian accent thing… but after Moscow it made perfect sense. This was all recorded in Stockholm in april and then we did the singing reordings in Vienna at the end of may.

Listen to Min Plats På Jorden from the new Album

Monday, June 29th, 2009

This song is written by Fredrik Kempe and Anders Hansson and the lyrics by Py Bäckman.  Its VERY swedish…

Listen to Sempre Libera from the new album La Voix Du Nord

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


This song is written by Fredrik Kempe and Anders Hansson. It was recorded in Vienna in may.

Also liten to 

Quando Me’n Vo  - Musettas Waltz

Swedish Sport Awards 2009 The backside of Christian Olssons Thigh

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Baksidan av Christian Olssons Lår – elegi över ett förlorat idrottsår

When I was asked to perform at the Swedish Sport Awards this year  I wanted to make something that was in line with the 2008 performance. This is it. It was cancelled due to lack of  time during the show! On You Tube you can see me singing Barcelona  with wonderful Peter Johansson!!! But this act went straight to the rubbish bin…. Well I thought  you might want to see it anyway. Because at we ’ve got lots of time…. And I  want to keep it really simple! Just a camera and me and Bengt Åke Lundin at the piano. The lyrics reflect the swedish sport year of 2008…which was…well.. not great. It’ s all about injuries and the flu and Henrik Larssons floor hockey carreer…. You know, typical Puccini stuff!